The more links you have back to your local business website – the more traffic you will get.

Two reasons for this. First, the more links you have pointing to you, the higher you’ll rank in the search engines. That just tells search engines like Google that you’re important and relevant since so many other websites are saying you are. Second, the more chances you have for people to find you online, the more who will find you. Your links from other websites is how they find you.

Where do you get links? One of the easiest ways is through social media websites.

For example, is a wonderful tool to use. It’s free and works like this: you submit ONE video to TubeMogul, and in return, it distributes it to dozens of sites for you. Just make sure you write a description with your FULL URL path to your website, and you’ll automatically get links back from all these social media video sharing sites.

Also, you should have a twitter page set up – if for no other reason than you’re allowed to put a link in your profile back to your business site. Then, if you wish to, you can tweet to your hearts content – but if not, at least you got that link!

You should also create a facebook fan page – again, for nothing else other than to put a link back to your local business site. Now, facebook itself has all kinds of uses far and beyond getting a link back to your site, but even if you don’t use all these other benefits… the link itself is worth it.

Other ways to get links – through press release distribution sites like – these can get you tons of exposure and backlinks over night to your site. Plus you might score some free media and publicity in the process.

There are other social media sites to consider as well such as hub pages, squidoo, ezine articles and so forth – but just start with those described above to get your feet wet.