The New World of the Mobile Consumer

You have to meet the new mobile comsumer where they are... on the move with smartphones and tablets. Think that cell phone texting is just for teenagers and young adults? Think again. According to a survey by mobile messaging company Tekelec, text messaging is...

It’s Not About Having a Website Anymore!

Think you should have a website? We've got news for you. That's a very late-nineties thing to think. Back around the turn of the century (2000) having a website labeled a business as pretty trendy, even if it didn't generate much business. Businesses were struggling...

How To Attract More Website Visitors

The more links you have back to your local business website - the more traffic you will get. Two reasons for this. First, the more links you have pointing to you, the higher you'll rank in the search engines. That just tells search engines like Google that you're...

Fix Your Website For Pennies On The Dollar

Cost is relative. And the website design field is overcrowded. You can use both of these to your advantage. The first thing you need to know is where to look. If you're going to go to your local yellow pages, or do a search in the search engines for a website...

How To Make Your Website Immediately Profitable!

One of the best ways to make your local business website more profitable immediately is to take a proactive position... instead of a reactive one. Sadly, most local businesses leave it up to the customer to return back to the website, or take the next action and...

Get Listed In Google Search and Maps

If you're a small business who is looking to gain a dominant online presence in your local market - you've come to the right place.  Our company prides itself both in its free information on this site - as well as the services we perform for clients - to help you...

Ready to bring Your Business Online With the Most Powerful Tools?

  • Reach your smartphone carrying customers with your own texting coupon system
  • Engage with customers with your own smartphone app, including the ability to send instant notifications for spontaneous promotions
  • Grab more new and repeat business with a new active and interactive website
  • Get orders 24 hours a day with Online Ordering
  • Reward those who refer business to your website with your own Affiliate Promotion System
  • Replace expensive Yellow Pages advertising with more economical Local Online Search
  • Meet your prospects and customers where they spend their time with an active social media presence
  • Get new business leads and advertise your products with your own non-spam Automated Lead System
  • Give your customers 24-7 online assistance with your own Customer Support Desk System
  • Deliver information, contact data, and collect leads with a QR Code Information System
  • Create your own product or promote your business with an audio CD in attractive packaging
  • Use Customized Software to sell to customers or to use as promotional premium in marketing
  • Enjoy the ultimate credibility tool, a real, printed, ghost written book “by you” and published by our publisher affiliate, available on Amazon, that you can use as an incredible business card